15 Spekboom Road, Verwoerdpark
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Welcome to H2o Babies Swim School

Swimming is an important part of every child’s life. Firstly and most importantly it is a survival skill. Without the correct survival techniques no child stands a chance should they fall into a pool. Swimming is a good cardiovascular sport, which helps in cases where Asthma is apparent. It is good for building confidence, interacting with other children and both gross and fine motor skills. I can’t honestly answer the question so often asked HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE BEFORE MY CHILD CAN SWIM? Each child is an individual. We are an indoor heated facility and swim between 30º - 32º C. Swimming with your child - Ideally infants and toddlers should swim with their mothers or a responsible guardian - not only does this prevent seperation anxiety but the child feels more secure.


It’s also a wonderful half hour spent together - while bonding and communications take their natural course. We would prefer that the same parent or guardian swim with the child at all lessons. Children must wear a costume with a swimming cap at all times exceptions to babies wearing a swimming cap will be made. Please remember to bring warm clothing for after the class. Rather dress the child too warm once they leave the pool area and remove clothing as they acclimatize to the weather outside. These infants/toddlers are taught on the PBSTA programme and SwimSA programme. We DO NOT USE DROWN PROOFING METHODS.

 "We teach babies all the way through to adults" 
What we have to offer
  • Open Mondays to Saturdays
  • 21 Years Experience
  • Inside 32 degrees heated pool
  • Private neat changing room
  • Play and Waiting Area
  • Badge Progression and Certification
  • Qualified Instructors
  • Preschool Collection and Drop-off
  • PDP License and passenger liability